Oversized glass up to 9.5 meters in length with LartaPro coatings.
Oversized glass
This is a special series of oversized glass, with a length of up to 9.5 meters. The width remains constant and is 3.21 meters.

The unique feature of the oversize glass series is the combination of oversized format and energy-efficient architectural coating, LartaPro, on the glass surface. This allows the realization of architectural solutions in line with modern trends and demands for seamless and monolithic building facades while ensuring compliance with energy efficiency requirements for transparent structures.

The main feature of the LartaPro glass family is its enhancement of building energy efficiency: allowing maximum sunlight into spaces while simultaneously helping protect against summer heat and reducing heat loss in winter. To achieve optimal results, various types of glass can be used in the composition of insulated glass units or single glazing.

Oversize-format glasses with energy-efficient LartaPro coating represent a new stage in the development of facade glazing, offering broad possibilities for designers, planners, and architects in implementing modern facade solutions!
Architectural multifunctional high-selective glasses with dual energy-saving and solar control coating.
LartaPro High Performance is a range of architectural multifunctional high-selective glass with solar control and thermal insulating coating.
Create bold and inspiring architectural projects with the range of architectural multifunctional selective glasses, LartaPro SE.
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