LartaPro Selective Edition
Bring your bold and inspiring architectural projects to life with the line of architectural multifunctional high-selective glass, LartaPro SE. This segment comprises two types of glass—Neutral and Silver.
LartaPro SE glass ensures excellent thermal insulation, helping reduce heat loss during winter and enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings. During summer, it provides effective protection against solar rays, contributing to a comfortable indoor climate year-round. Moreover, this glass maximizes natural light transmission while accurately rendering colors.

The standout feature of the LartaPro SE lineup is its elegant exterior, allowing for the creation of beautiful and sophisticated architectural projects. LartaPro SE Silver 60 boasts light-reflective properties, while LartaPro SE Neutral 70 and LartaPro SE Neutral 80 HT offer increased light transmission.

The LartaPro SE series of glass can undergo tempering, heat strengthening, and lamination processes, providing a range for various applications.
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