LartaPro High Performance
Introducing our range of architectural multifunctional selective glass with thermal insulation and solar control coatings. This collection of glass products is designed to optimize the intake of natural sunlight while efficiently retaining warmth during winter and shielding against excessive heat in the summer. As a result, it contributes to a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year. Our glass solutions are ideal for various climatic conditions, offering a perfect balance of functionality and comfort for your projects.
LartaPro glass is suitable for manufacturing:
  • curtain walls;
  • windows and doors;
  • skylights;
  • greenhouses.
The LartaPro series of glass at our plant opens up extensive possibilities for architectural design. It can be tempered, laminated, bent, and stencil-printed. Available in a wide range of color options, various levels of light transmission and reflectivity, and as a multi-layered glass solution.
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